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Secret of Daf (PDF Book + mp3 Audio)


Fundamentals of Rhythm & Daf performance for Children and Beginners (PDF and Mp3)

Author: Hooman Tootoonchian

This Book is the first illustrated instructional book for teaching daf playing to children which is published in Iran. This collection is produced by the efforts of daf players and teachers of percussion instruments and is the result of years of experience in learning daf playing to children. The color pages and exercises make children fond of it and so they always show more interest in learning new lessons. The use of two languages makes this book unique, and lets Iranian children all over the world learn daf. The teachers can also, with the help of this book, teach the fundamentals of the rhythm in a more simple way.
 Level  Beginner
 Lessons  30
 Pages  120
 Language  Farsi & English
 No Shipping  PDF and mp3 Available