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Skin and Sirish For Tar

Tar skin is made of lambskins or goatskins, which tanners market in autumn and winter. The skin should be flaky, oily, even, and vitreous, and should not be exposed to light tanning when exposed to light.

About Sirish glue

Sirish is obtained from the roots of the plant from the genus Tulips, which grinds the plant roots after grinding into powdery mildew. To prepare the dressing, we must first pour the required amount of water (about 1/5 tablespoon) into a container and then slowly add the dressing powder to it and stir it with a finger, until it thickens.

A few tips about preparing the Sirish glue:

1- For easy use, you can pour the shaving powder into a salt shaker. 2- Usually, the powder has a certain amount of impurities that must be sifted through a fine sieve before consumption and passed through a nylon sock to obtain a completely soft and pure powder. 3- If necessary, in the final stage, 3 to 5% of high-quality wood glue can be added to the series.