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Delnavazan , collection of works for Setar and Tar

The book Delnavazan, compiled and arranged by Majid Vasefi, is a selection of the works of the great musicians of this region, and behind each of these valuable works lies a bag full of knowledge, experience, feeling, technique and creativity. The key to the success of these masters is to have a complete understanding of the Radif of Iranian music and based on this, they have created timeless and lasting songs. One of the goals of Delnavazan is to acquaint students with these professors and their valuable works, which include:1. Master Morteza Ney Davood with works such as: "Atashi Dar Sineh Daram" in  Dashti Avaz  and "Shor Asheghaneh" in Isfahan Avaz . Master Homayoun Khoram with works such as: "Entezar" in the Shur Dastgah, "Mehr o mah" in Dashti Avaz , ‌ "Ghoghaye Setaregan", "Tanha Mandam", "Dar Mian-e Golha", "Gomshodeh" and "Raz-e Del »in Isfahan Avaz. 3. Master Ali Tajvidi with works such as: "Atash-e Karevan" in the Shoor Dastgah, "Sang-e Khara" in the Dashti Avaz, "Safar Kardeh" and "Ko Yari" in the Chahargah Dastgah.