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High Quality Santour (G tune)

Wood maker: Old black walnut, right vein, very high quality (four cuts), homogeneous whole maker laminated three layers of Rapud walnut Vault made of homogeneous walnut wood with the instrument Large side dimensions 90cm Forehead 36 Width instrument 27 German instrument color Earphone maker: Made with a fully automatic device with stainless steel and anti-wear chrome plating (the part inside the instrument maker is not plated to prevent oxidation inside the phone box) German first-class stainless steel wire, stainless steel, anti-wear, anti-acid and anti-acid wire. White and red wire 040 Germany first grade from bedra and stamm brands 1 pair of walnut percussion grade 1 1 wooden handle stitch wrench 1 box of velvet percussion 3 pieces of felt in three types: thin, medium, and thick in dimensions of 15 * 15 Impact dulcimer box to prevent moisture and dust penetration With 10 meters of dulcimer wire of any kind

The Radif Music Book for Ney

The  Radif Music Book for Ney Players by Mohammad Ali Kianinejad