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Including 2 CD, 18 Pieces for Ensemble Playing of Ney and Iranian Classical Instruments
  • In Cooperation with Music Students of Tehran University

Hamnavâz 2


Hamnavâz 2 Including 1 CD, 25 Pieces by Ostâd Farâmarz Pâyvar for Ney

  • Siâmak Jahângiri, Ney
  • Râmtin Nazariju, Santur
  • Vahid Fatâyi, Tombak

The Ney Method


The Ney Method by Mohammad Ali Kiani Nejad

The Vocal Radif by Mahmud Karimi


Dastgâh-e Shur and Its Derivatives, Including 2 CD, 

The Vocal Radif by Mahmud Karimi, 2nd book


Dastgâh-e Homâyun, Navâ and Âvâz-e Bayât-e Esfahân, Including 1 CD, 

The Vocal Radif by Mahmud Karimi, 3rd book


Dastgâh-e Mâhur, Râstpanjgâh, Segâh and Châhârgâh, Including 2 CDs,