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Mezrâb, Qânun Exercises by Parichehr Khâje (Vol.1)


Including 1 CD, 

About this work, we read by Parichehr Khajeh: "Playing any instrument correctly and fluently, in addition to continuous practice, requires knowledge of the technique and techniques of playing that instrument, and paying attention to the details and subtleties seems necessary and inevitable. There has long been a lack of reference and books to meet the needs of musicians and Qanun students. The present book, which is the result of years of unremitting and continuous efforts and research of the author, and all its contents and content are invented and made by the minds and experiences of this side in this matter, is a response to this need. For this purpose, from the exercises that I have composed over the years in order to improve and strengthen the playing ability of Kanun students, I have selected thirty exercises and named these pieces according to their sensory states in order to remember them better. Um and a collection was provided that the book is ahead. It is noteworthy that the contents of this book, which is recommended for high school students (students who have learned basic playing skills well), do not have much adaptation to instrumental workers, and what is most intended is only to use "The rules are right and raising the level of playing technique."