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The Qânun Course, by Malihe Saeidi (Vol. I,II,III)


Including 3 Books and 6 CDs, 

About this work, written by Maliheh Saeedi: The sensitive conditions of music art and Qanun enforcement facilities in the field of Iranian structures made me publish the following magazines of the book Qanun Tutorial Representation on it. The first volume of this book was published with the opinion and cooperation of Professor Hossein Dehlavi in ​​November 1990 and then in 1397 with a new edition by Mahour Publications and includes various pieces and exercises as well as the historical background of this instrument. The second volume was published in 2010 in order to upgrade and improve the technical capabilities of the musician along with various exercises and pieces based on the need for different technical items, and now it has been reprinted with a new edition with an executive CD. Simultaneously with the teaching of this book, the teaching of Iranian music begins, and gradually, in addition to learning the music, students acquire the necessary skills for different chords in groups or orchestras, and the possibility of getting acquainted with different and opposite movements for both. The present book, while being educationally useful for students, acquaints them with the techniques and facilities of this instrument.