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Tarâne, Forty Pieces for Qânun


Including 2 CDs, 

The book contains forty pieces composed by Simin Agharzi, which he improvised in the classroom and taught to his students. This book, like the first book (Golnoosh), has been compiled, arranged, and performed by Ms. Parichehr Khajeh. Parichehr Khajeh, while enjoying the teachings of Professor Simin Agharzi, has benefited from the teachings of professors such as Hossein Dehlavi, Mohammad Ismaili, Farhad Fakhreddini, Houshang Zarif, Houshang Kamkar, Kambiz Roshanrouvan, Hossein Alizadeh, Ahmad Pejman. At the same time, Master Simin Agharzi, using the teachings of Mahmoud Zolfanoun, learned the violin completely from Master Abolhassan Saba. He learned piano from Javad Maroufi, Qanun from Master Mehdi Moftah, singing from Master Gholam Hossein Banan, and tombak from Master Hossein Tehrani. In addition to the instruments mentioned, he was also fully acquainted with playing the Robab, Barbat, Qeychak, and Kamancheh. It should be noted that in this book, he composed the pieces "Bidad", "Karvan" and "Vesal" in memory of Morteza Ney Davud, Abolhassan Saba and Mehdi Moftah.