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Daf – Tunable Classic Gold by HaPa

Model Name: Tunable Classic Gold Specifications Hapa Daf:
  • Diameter 53cm (28.8”)
  • Width 5.4cm (2.12”)
  • Weight 810 g (1.78 lb.)

Daf – Ultra Light Pre-tuned by HaPa( Bijan Kamkar Signature Series )


Specifications Daf:

  • Diameter: 53cm (21”), 
  • Width 5cm (1.96”)in 
  • Drum shell's weight: Weight: 560 g (1.23 lb.)
  • Maker: HaPa
  • Model: Bijan Kamkar Ultra Light

One Hundred Lessons for Daf

The contents of the book 100 Hundred Daf Lessons have been prepared and arranged in such a way that the student can go to the basic stages of playing the finesse and get acquainted with different rhythms during learning. Playing the lessons of the book Daf Lessons of Daf never means learning this instrument completely, so it is better than during its learning, by listening to the works in which the role of the daf is prominent, he tries hard to strengthen his creativity and abilities. And never give up on the practice. Three decades after Daf entered the Iranian Music Orchestra, we are still witnessing the increasing popularity of this instrument among musicians. The power, strength, and high volume of this instrument play an important role in music, which is to create excitement and mobility. Due to the position and role of the daf in the orchestra, arrangements have been made to write down its techniques and performance abilities, which has led to the emergence and writing of written works in the field of daf education. Published with audio file by Nay and Ney Publishing.

Teaching Daf from Basic to Advance

Teaching Daf from Basic to Advance by Siamack Azizzadeh