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Sad Dars , The Method of Playing Tanbour

Ali Akbar Moradi (born in 1957) is a well-known Kurdish musician and composer. He was born in Gahwareh, Kermanshah Province, Iran. He started music at a very early age and learned the Kurdish maqam repertoire and tanbur (Kurdish lute) under the supervision of Kurdish masters such as Mirza Sayyed Ali Kafashyan, Kaki Allah Morad Hamidi, and Sayyed Vali Hosseyni. He gave his first recital in 1971 in Kermanshah. In 1981, he began collaborating with the Kurdish singer Shahram Nazeri and performed throughout Europe and North America. He is an expert on the tanbur instrument, which is considered sacred in Kurdish Yarsani and sufi music. He has performed music in New York City, San Francisco, and London. On 30 September 2006, he gave a special program as part of Voices of Kurdistan in San Francisco World Music Festival, he has been appointed as one of fifty of the best musicians around the globe by a British music magazine. Moradi has written a book about playing Kurdish tanbur, which includes the most well-known maqams of the tanbur.