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Professional Tanbour by Asadollah Gahvareh

It is a Tanbour or Tamboor that has long handles and pear-shaped bowls and is usually made of mulberry wood. Its bowl is in two forms, one-piece (bowl) which has been used for a long time and several pieces that have been made in imitation of Setar bowl in recent decades. The length of this instrument is between 70 to 80 cm and it has three strings, one Wakhan and two main strings. In ancient times, according to Farabi, one or two main strings were used, which is now common in the form of three strings. This instrument has fourteen frets (hands) and no quarter frets. The Tanboor is one of the oldest instruments in Iran that has a mystical and Maqami aspect, meaning that it is the first instrument to have long handles with bowls and chords. This has been mentioned in many books and treatises. Grove's dictionary, which is in the field of composition, dates the instrument to five to six thousand years, and the stone sculptures in museums and archeological remains in Susa and the hills of Bani Yunus near the city of Mosul date back to 1500 to 2000 BC. it shows.