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Including 2 CD, 18 Pieces for Ensemble Playing of Ney and Iranian Classical Instruments
  • In Cooperation with Music Students of Tehran University

Hamnavâz 2


Hamnavâz 2 Including 1 CD, 25 Pieces by Ostâd Farâmarz Pâyvar for Ney

  • Siâmak Jahângiri, Ney
  • Râmtin Nazariju, Santur
  • Vahid Fatâyi, Tombak

The Ney Method


The Ney Method by Mohammad Ali Kiani Nejad

The Radif Music Book for Ney

The  Radif Music Book for Ney Players by Mohammad Ali Kianinejad

The Vocal Radif by Mahmud Karimi


Dastgâh-e Shur and Its Derivatives, Including 2 CD, 

The Vocal Radif by Mahmud Karimi, 2nd book


Dastgâh-e Homâyun, Navâ and Âvâz-e Bayât-e Esfahân, Including 1 CD, 

The Vocal Radif by Mahmud Karimi, 3rd book


Dastgâh-e Mâhur, Râstpanjgâh, Segâh and Châhârgâh, Including 2 CDs,